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Nicolai Fechin, Portrait of Duane_cropped

Portrait of Duane by Nicolai Fechin

"The artist's problem of retaining the true pure strength of color depends on keeping the pigments separate and individually distinct. ...

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Ferdinand Hodler_Gertrud Muller_cropped

Portrait of Gertrud Müller by Ferdinand Hodler

“The work of art will bring to light a new order inherent in things…the idea of unity.” Portrait of Gertrud Müller pictures a lovely ...

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La Chevelure by Henri-Edmond Cross

The hidden face behind a thick curtain of hair is the sole object of La Chevelure (Hair) by Henri-Edmond Cross. The model in this work was ...

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The Milliners by Paul Signac_cropped

The Milliners by Paul Signac

"Art is a creation of a higher order than a copy of nature which is governed by chance." Paul Signac's The Milliners is considerably ...

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Avenue de Clichy_Louis Aquetin_cropped

Avenue de Clichy by Louis Anquetin

Avenue de Clichy by Louis Anquetin sweeps us into a rainy twilight in Montmartre, where lights from the butcher shop cast a warm glow ...

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Studland Beach by Vanessa Bell, 1912

Studland Beach by Vanessa Bell

"Defining modernism in American art is a slippery task. As an art historical term, ‘modern’ refers to a period dating roughly from ...

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